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Office of the Board of Police Commissioners.

Third floor of Police Headquarters, 300 Congress Street Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Re: Second Step Barros Hearing.

first I would like to say thank you for having me here today For the second step of my complete against Bridgeport police K9 officer Mark Martocchio. I would also like to add that if I slur my words when I'm talking this is just the way I am, I have a disability, this is why I'm choosing to read my testimony to you today.

The first time that I was pulled over by Bridgeport police officer Mark Martocchio my car was on the side of the road I was talking to someone that I knew as I explained to him that's when he pulled me and that person over and started talking to us individually, this is when I explained to him my situation with work and my disability after that he searched my car and told me to go on my way....

The second time officer Martocchio pulled me over he started calling me names an went as far as calling me ***, after that officer Martocchio pulled the keys out of the ignition of my car I felt threatened by this so I grabbed my cell phone and I attempted to call the Bridgeport police department to get a Lieutenant to come to the scene, that's when officer Mark Martocchio grab my cell phone out of my hands and threw it on top of my car and began to threaten me saying things like he is going to have my car towed if I keep coming to Bridgeport, then he searched me and my car without my permission or a valid reason then wrote me a complaint ticket....

A short while after that I started getting pulled over by other Bridgeport police officers threatening me while throwing me up against a fence telling me to stay out of Bridgeport, I even attempted to make a call to the police department when this was happening to me to make a complaint and had my cell phone ripped out of my hands, then one day, I even had a police officer in the town I live in, come to my apt saying that they received a call from the Bridgeport police department, Saying if I keep calling some girl in Bridgeport that they are going to put a warrant out for my arrest. That's when I began looking into what was going on and why this was happening to me, but I received no answers! That goes without saying It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out with whom and where it started...

The third time that I was pulled over by officer Martocchio I came out of a store and got in my car and as I was turning my car around to go back towards the main road officer Martocchio came up behind me and blocked me in, he got out of his car and came over to me and started asking me why are you here in Bridgeport. Isn't this a free country....

The fourth time that officer Martocchio pulled me over I was pulling into a gas station and Officer Martocchio pulled up behind me and ordered me to pull over into the back of the gas station he got out of his car came over to me and asked me for my driver's license and I gave it to him then he began to harass & threaten me when I asked him why he pulled me over he said that I was not wearing a seatbelt it was clear I was wearing a seatbelt and I kept repeating it he side tell it to the court, (threatening me, do you see the pattern here.) Within about 4 to 5 minutes another police officer came to the gas station and officer Martocchio went over to his car, I can see them talking to each other after about 1 minute officer Martocchio comes back over to my car throws my driver's license at me hitting me in the face with it then he backed off and only then I was able to leave. This was the first time and the last time that any other officer came to the scene where officer Martocchio was harassing or threatening me. (like he did every other time he pulled me over)

I'm tired of being harassed by the Bridgeport police.

On 3/19/15 was the 5th time that I was pulled over by officer Mark Martocchio.

Every time officer Martocchio pulls me over he has some sort of smart remark, like he did on 3/19/15 when he saw my car on the opposite side of the road from where he was driving officer Martocchio made a U-turn and came up behind my car. He was driving very fast and then turned on his lights and pulled me over and said, "You wanted to come down here (Bridgeport) so what are you doing here? I told him the truth and then he said, "you're not very smart are you" when I asked him why he pulled me over he said that I was not wearing a seatbelt. I was clearly wearing a seatbelt and I even tried explaining that if I was not wearing a seatbelt that the car alarm would go off repeatedly, but he wrote the "complaint ticket anyways. Having a disability and being called not smart - *** on more than one occasion by officer Martocchio is unexcitable. Example that's like a white person walking up to a collard person and using the N word not only is that racist but that's also discrimination! I feel the same way when officer Martocchio called me *** and another occasion not smart, not only do I feel threatened but I also feel very much discriminated against.

I don't know what his problem is or why he has it out for me or if this is just the kind of person he is. What I do know is now I have to feel threatened because of my disability as I explained to internal affairs I am a very well known documented national advocate for people with disabilities I go to meetings in Bridgeport my doctor's office are in Bridgeport. I used to live in Bridgeport for 27 years (I know a lot of people there) and various state and government offices that I have to go to for work/disability programs are in Bridgeport.

Police harassment is an abuse of an officer’s authority by continually stopping someone, aggressively questioning him or her, or by conducting an unwarranted or illegal search and seizure.

I feel like Officer Mark Martocchio goes out of his way to pull me over in every single different location. The things he has pulled me over for honestly have no purpose. "Not having my seat belt on" when it was on in clear sight! Really? I can't drive 2 seconds down the road without my seatbelt on because the bell rings constant, and it drives me up a wall. Plus I have a disability so the first thing I'm going to do when I get into a car is be safe and put my seatbelt on regardless. Police today use their badge as a symbol of power and this is why are society is the way it is. Instead of worries about the major issues, cops like officer Mark Martocchio are worried about why I'm in Bridgeport. Personal it is none of anyone's business why I'm in Bridgeport, especially because I'm not doing nothing wrong. Like I have stated before I come up here for a lot of reasons and one is work. And now when I do come to this town I have to worry about if I'm going to be pulled over and accused of "not wearing a seat belt" or "for being in the middle of the road while waiting for traffic to clear, not only that but know I have to worry about having a profile put on me because some officer wants to justify his actions to try and make a name for himself at my expense.

Fact: It's been several months and I'm still being harassed by the Bridgeport police department because of officer Mark Martocchio, about 1 ½ months ago I came out of my doctor's office off of east main street in Bpt as I was driving going towards route 8 a Bridgeport police officer pulled up behind my car as I was stopped at a traffic light, I can see him in my rearview mirror looking down typing on the keyboard of the computer in his car the next thing I know I saw the lights of his car turned on asking me to pull over, then that officer and a another officer got out of the car and started questioning me why are you here in Bridgeport.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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